Seminars and Workshops

I have over 900 training and workshop days under my belt. Most of my clients are well known both Polish and international corporations.

As I cooperate with training firms that are not “training corporations”, I have an opportunity to work very closely with Clients at the program preparation and design stages. Consequently, training programs that take shape truly reflect the clients’ expectations, respond to their needs very well and result in benefits expected by them.

Whenever I work with companies directly, my approach is exactly the same.

As a result of such a “close to the Client” philosophy, many training programs that I deliver become a “collage” type of projects. In various proportions, one can usually find these elements: leadership, team management, communication and motivation.

I also offer training seminars that focus primarily on one of the following aspects:

  • leadership skills development
  • team management
  • persuasive communication
  • Think on Your Feet®
  • the art of presentations
  • change management
  • personal effectiveness
  • effective performance appraisal meetings
  • problem solving: creative, analytical thinking and decision making techniques In business
  • coaching skills for managers
  • motivation and employee development
  • customer service

A brief description of the above training programs»

Workshops are an important part of my cooperation with Clients. Among them, prominent are strategic workshops that I deliver (or co-deliver) with the assumption that the organization should be regarded as an open-system, and organization values are at its core