Recently, I read “How We Decide”, an excellent book by Jonah Lehrer. One of its main and well documented conclusions states that usually rational decision making works well when applied to simple situations, and a more “intuitive” one works better in more complex situations. The book is filled with excellent examples –stories. It is the best proof itself that in communication, a good story well told is the most effective tool.

6.04.2011: Everyone who is interested in change management should read “Switch. How to Change Things When Change is Hard”, by Chip and Dan Heath. The authors’ style is similar to that by Gladwell, i.e., the book is a great read, with excellent examples and it does not let you get bored. Though I specialize in the field of change management, I was not losing my time while reading “Switch”.

30.12.2012 For those of you, who enjoy lively reading on serious topics, such as the roots of our prolonged economic crisis, I strogly recommend Michael Lewis' "Boomerang". His stories on 2010/2011 bust economies of Iceland, Ireland, Greece and bankrupt towns in California are equally tragic and funny. You cannot stop reading (and laughing your guts out) those stories of how Icelandic fishermen turned into investment bankers, Greek government discovered that its budget deficit is not 3 but 12% (in a week), town governments shrank overnight from thousand employees to less than a dozen...