Companies that I Cooperate with:

Cooperation with Values and Jacek Santorski offers me a great opportunity to continuously expand my knowledge of and insight into the psychological roots of how people, teams and organizations function. I believe that there is no other consulting firm in Poland that would be such an excellent platform to follow what is unique and inspiring as well as what makes sense in contemporary business psychology.

4Results Sp. z o.o.
This company specializes in consulting and training that are oriented towards improving a broadly defined effectiveness. In numerous cases, it offers comprehensive services that include consulting, training and coaching. In its consulting, it focuses on increasing organizational effectiveness in terms of business processes (including manufacturing) and the organizational culture. Training seminars usually supplement the company’s consulting services and are oriented towards improving both personal and team effectiveness.

Klos Training.
The company’s area of expertise lies in providing business communication training seminars. Among others, its training services include a unique „Think on Your Feet®” program, that I am licensed to provide under the umbrella of Klos Training. The company’s important strength is the ability to provide training services in English that are delivered by native speakers.

Freelancers I Enjoy Working with:

Tomek (Tom) Jamroziak: Because of different backgrounds, experience and personalities we supplement each other in lots of ways. As neither of us lack open-mindedness, when we join our forces, results are a creative approach and ability to look at the issues from a multitude of points of view.

Grzesiek (Greg) Czerniak: In some cases, development events that I participate in call for the use of someone who would create a professional film documentation. In such situations, Grzesiek is capable of providing invaluable services. He is not only a great operator, but also a keen observer who is a great source of feedback on trainer’s or facilitator’s performance.

John Kubiniec: Several times a year we jointly deliver the „Think on Your Feet®” seminar. We cooperate so well that we always are looking forward to joining our forces.