360° Assessment
In my work with Values Group, I derive great professional satisfaction from my cooperation with Rob Kaiser, who – together with his partners (Robert Kaplan and David deVries) – created the concept of Versatile Leadership and co-authored (with R. Kaplan) an excellent book under the same title. I am looking forward to buying its Polish edition that will soon be available in Poland. The concept of Versatile Leadership led to the creation of an innovative Leadership Versatility Index® LVI 360°® assessment method. The Index helps us learn whether or not some of our strengths are so intense that they turn into our weaknesses…

Competence models, MBO management system, organization values
In these areas my usual role is to facilitate Client’s search for the most useful final product. This can be achieved by both facilitating workshops of the executive group and working with a dedicated project team. The value added that I provide is, in addition to my professional knowledge, my experience from working in similar assignments for other companies and my awareness of the mistakes that could be made and pitfalls that should be avoided.

Change management
My services include first the workshops with a group who designs the change, and, later workshops with group(s) who is(are) responsible for implementing the change. The topics include designing all stages of the change and introducing mechanisms that prevent the change process from being derailed. The latter are related to group interests, organization culture and communication strategy. Training support (see the change management training program) is another option that clients could opt for to facilitate the process of change.

I have already completed over 400 hours of individual coaching. In most cases, these have been services provided as a supplement or follow-up to training seminars or workshops. In most cases, I provide coaching sessions that constitute an integral part of comprehensive development projects which usually include training sessions, and less frequently, consulting or 360° Assessment. Executive coaching is a separate category. In this case, the initiative to begin the coaching process usually lies in the hands of an executive who selects this approach as the best vehicle to solve a particular problem and/or to reach a challenging objective(s). Coaching for expats who work in Poland is yet another category. They often need support in firstly, deciphering and secondly, working effectively in a different organizational culture and Polish business environment. In coaching, I was surprised that the process effectiveness is usually higher when the goals/objectives are set by the superior and not by the coachee himself/herself. Another lesson that I learned, was that in most cases, personal issues naturally become important topics in coaching sessions. When I do coaching, I am careful not to be limited by any orthodoxy. In addition to the knowledge that I absorbed during the certification process, I benefit from readings on the subject and exchanging experience with other coaches. I also rely on my intuition and common sense.